The Unconventional Guide to Parenting

Being a parent for the first time can be as anxious an experience and as novel. It is a beautiful experience of helping a child to grow and see it as you nurture and nourish it into a healthy and sound little human being.

Though there are always hardships present in the task of parenting, some simple tips and tricks can help you overcome such difficulties in no time at all. Parenting is a job that requires patience. Even though there are times when you’d just want to tear out your hair, you have to realize that will only earn you a trip to the hair salon!

1. Better Safe Than Sorry
A safe environment helps in the development of a robust and confident personality in a child. The child learns that she/he is appreciated in the household and that home is a place you can always come back to when faced with a problem.

Children are programmed to love you, so you need to keep it that way. A safe environment for a child to grow in is one of the essential factors for a happy childhood and good memories.

2. Positive Reinforcement
Once you have established the primary set of dos and don’ts at your home, you have to try and start encouraging your kid to stick to them. A thrashing or spanking whenever things go haywire is not going to help the child learn. On the other hand, such behavior may be emulated by the child or even worse; the child may come to resent you for such aversive reinforcement (not to mention it is now illegal!).

It is vital to the growth of one character to know that violence is not a wise option. Instead, simple appreciation at a well-performed job or little treats at the crossing of a small hurdle may go many lengths to develop the child’s personality and well-being in general.

3. Dealing With Stress
This is something that is going to matter a lot for both your child and yourself. Parenting is a stressful job. From changing diapers and nappies to performing well as a good role model and guide, being a parent is a big responsibility and a lot of work at the same time.

Children too undergo stress from time to time these days, pressure of performing well; bullying, responsibility, and peer competition or sibling rivalry can be great causes of stress to kids.
It is important for you to provide a peaceful and conversational environment at home so that you and your child can talk about such matters freely and eventually solve them too.

4. Setting Rules and Regulations
Once you have established the ground rules of your home, it remains your responsibility to ensure that your child sticks to them. Proper discipline and rules are a necessity from childhood. It makes a person punctual, truthful and assertive in nature. A confident person evolves from a child who is good at following the basic decency rules at home, as well as outside home.

As mentioned earlier, reinforcements too, go a long way to ensuring that your kid understands and sticks to the rules and regulations set by you.

5. Scheduling and Disciplining
A proper schedule for all activities must be kept at hand for youngsters, as well as teenagers. Once you have established a schedule for daily activities, you no longer have to run about your kid at home, making sure he/she gets one job done, after the other. A schedule, will not only teach the children the importance of discipline but also ensure that they know all their daily chores and activities and that a list is kept at hand to be easily referred to.

6. A Little Cartoon Time Does No Harm
Some programs watched by your children on television or other forms of media, have to be regulated by you. Channels such as MTV or FTV are not really meant for your 5-year-olds at home.

Parent control measures are always available online or on gadgets like the phones and televisions these days. You can determine what programs you want your children to watch quite easily this way.

Also what is more important is that you set aside some time for the children to watch TV. You cannot have a television set at home that is always on. There have to be fixed hours for watching television at home.

7. Resort To Reading For Quality Time
We have all seen people struggling with their reading in class and also during conversations. Let’s just say nobody wants to see their kids having such problems too.

Reading is a great habit that not only develops literacy skills of children but also makes them confident speakers. Reading adds to the wit and personality of an individual and it may even help change bad habits. A book lover is scientifically more open to thoughts and ideas and creativity; then a non-reader. Reading is an activity you should foster from a young and tender age.

It is usually up to you how you want to raise your children, but there are always some certain behaviors that are appreciated in all societies and are likable in a person.

The above guidelines are just that: guidelines. They are not hardcore rules that you have to follow or adhere to and of course you can always modify these guidelines as per your needs and wishes.

Though parenting is a hard job, and one that you must give your best at, every single moment, it is a beautiful thing. Proper parenting can only be achieved through a few life hacks that are usually not that uncommon.

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