New Concept Marketing for EdTech

This is our first blog from a series that we are beginning in to highlight the nitty-gritties of Marketing @Vedantu. Let’s quickly brush up some basics and then I’ll take you through the various efforts of marketing put forward by my team at Vedantu. Definition Well, marketing has been there since the beginning of time and the definitions have kept …

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Is Food Important In a Student’s Success Story?

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We are sure, you keep everything prepared that can help your child to shine out in the examinations, but something always curtails his best possible achievement. Does it always bother you and your child that how his fellow classmates manage to excel? Your child must have done all his/her preparation, but have you contributed rightly? They say that food plays an …

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Q4′ 2015 Acheivement Celebrations

Remember our last post on town hall a couple of months back on completion of 10,000 hours of LIVE learning? We have grown from some 50 odd Vedans at that time to a grand 150 now. The town hall celebration also increased its grandeur multifold to keep the ‘Happiness Quotient’ high. Recently we, all Vedans, celebrated our achievements so far …

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Taking Sessions on Mobile Made Amazing!


  As a part of our resolution 2016, to bring in the Best Experience in Live Online Teaching-Learning for our students, we have completely re-thought the session space on Vedantu app. Here’s what our new app update brings to you: A completely new mobile session experience A bigger whiteboarding space, concise and intuitive chat and audio calling and improved aesthetics …

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Revision Made Easy With Five Simple Tricks


Teachers always grapple with how to help their students recall and revise their subjects. Indeed, it is true that revision is probably the best way to imprint facts and concepts in one’s mind. But, unquestionably, revision has been boring for the most part. Here, we give you our revision strategy that works like a charm when preparing for tough examinations. …

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How Can You Help Your Students be Exam Ready?

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Year tab on the calendar has already moved on and the cold air has started warming up a little. Suddenly there is a buildup of a dreadful, irky and gloomy environ around our students’ minds in the preview of examinations. Let’s get along and help clear this stress and darkness around their minds to let them excel in the exams. …

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Five Reasons to Teach Beyond Prescribed Syllabus


A Happy New Year to All of You! We thought today is the right time to discuss the need of teaching out of prescribed syllabus with our teaching community. Especially when the examinations are right around the corner, we should encourage our students to cement their concepts by exploring the subject in depth, which would help them crack their exams …

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Top 5 Resolutions Student Should Pick Up this Year

New Year is approaching and the first thing asked on the New Year is your resolution for the year. If you’ve still not chosen your New Year resolution, you are at perfect place. We have listed here Top 5 resolutions for a student. We hope you’ll find them handy in choosing yours. 1- Be more organized Take the resolution to …

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Some Cool Stuff to do This Holiday!

Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas vacations time again! It is also time to make a whole new list of the New Year’s resolutions. But, are you prepared for it yet? Do you know if your goals are going to be achievable? Why don’t you use the holidays to foolproof the list of resolutions that are coming up at the New …

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7 Easy Tips for Parents to Positively Motivate kids


“Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.” – Zig Zigler Everyone needs motivation, be it a grown-up person or a child. Motivation is what that drives us to the path of success. We have often seen great leaders motivate people to start a revolution of …

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