How Can You Help Your Students be Exam Ready?

Exam preparation

Year tab on the calendar has already moved on and the cold air has started warming up a little. Suddenly there is a buildup of a dreadful, irky and gloomy environ around our students’ minds in the preview of examinations. Let’s get along and help clear this stress and darkness around their minds to let them excel in the exams. …

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Five Reasons to Teach Beyond Prescribed Syllabus


A Happy New Year to All of You! We thought today is the right time to discuss the need of teaching out of prescribed syllabus with our teaching community. Especially when the examinations are right around the corner, we should encourage our students to cement their concepts by exploring the subject in depth, which would help them crack their exams …

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Top 5 Resolutions Student Should Pick Up this Year

New Year is approaching and the first thing asked on the New Year is your resolution for the year. If you’ve still not chosen your New Year resolution, you are at perfect place. We have listed here Top 5 resolutions for a student. We hope you’ll find them handy in choosing yours. 1- Be more organized Take the resolution to …

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Some Cool Stuff to do This Holiday!

Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas vacations time again! It is also time to make a whole new list of the New Year’s resolutions. But, are you prepared for it yet? Do you know if your goals are going to be achievable? Why don’t you use the holidays to foolproof the list of resolutions that are coming up at the New …

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7 Easy Tips for Parents to Positively Motivate kids


“Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.” – Zig Zigler Everyone needs motivation, be it a grown-up person or a child. Motivation is what that drives us to the path of success. We have often seen great leaders motivate people to start a revolution of …

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Vedans with helping hands at Samarthanam

Education surely enlightens human race and encourages them to do more good to the society. We at Vedantu got a chance to do our bit towards differently-abled people through Samarthanam, a trust working for the disabled in the underserved communities. Volunteers from Vedantu office left for the Samarthanam school and hostel at HSR Layout, Bangalore with great enthusiasms and all …

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How can you make examinations stress free?

    Exams are around the corner, and everyone’s frantic about what questions will be asked and how to get through the exam without being scarred mentally! Parents, teachers, and not to mention students, are very stressed during exam time. Here, we ask you to calm down. Breathe easy. For, exams really are supposed to be the easiest part of …

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Stress: How to Identify Symptoms in Kids


Life is not all about sunshine and rainbows. It never fails a chance to show you ‘who the boss is.’ Everybody, from every age group, someday or other, finds himself/herself in a situation that might ‘make’ them or ‘break’ them. Our body’s reaction to such situations defines stress. Some of us come out strong, while some fail to do so. …

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Learn On the Go – Take LIVE Sessions on Mobile!

  We have all seen how the Internet changed the way we teach and learn. It came as a boon for the students and enabled them to learn things with a little help and explore the unreachable. What do you think the impact will be when your personal teacher can teach you right on our Android device? When you’ll be able …

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How to make your fidgety child learn effectively?

Make your child learn

Watching your child achieving milestones in his/her life is a bliss and we always expect to see their constant progressing victory. Just as a coin has two faces and one flips over another, similarly our kids also turn obnoxious when something upsets them. We need to stay prepared for the darker sides of our children’s mood. It is necessary to understand …

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