JEE Online vs Offline Exam Preparation

Online vs Offline JEE Preparation

The competition for coaching centers for JEE exams is getting tougher, and as big as the rush to get into the esteemed IIT institutions itself. While the premier institute has spread further around the country, a debate of which is the best form of coaching remains. The fact that quality of teaching is THE most important factor when analyzing this, …

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7 Important Things to Keep in Mind While Preparing for Any Exam

Important tips for exam preparation

The more competitive, the more stressful! Yes, we are talking about preparing for competitive exams, especially in Indian scenario. The education system has quickly moved towards objective from subjective and the race to get admission in the best institution has intensified. What matters in these situations is the concentration and commitment towards preparations for the competitive exams. Gone are the …

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IIT Gandhinagar: Cutoffs, Placements, Admission, Courses, Fees, Ranking & More

IIT Gandhinagar

Campus Series: IIT Gandhinagar  Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (IIT-GN) is a public engineering institute founded in 2008 located in Chandkheda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Initially it was established temporarily within campus of Vishwakarma Government Engineering College, Chandkheda. Then under the administration of IIT Bombay, IIT-GN has got its permanent 400-acre campus on the banks of Sabarmati River in Palaj village which …

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IIT Roorkee – Courses, Fees, Cutoff, Ranking, Placement and Admission Process

IIT Roorkee

Campus Series: IIT Roorkee Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee or just IIT Roorkee was earlier known as the University of Roorkee and Thomason College of Civil Engineering. It is a public engineering university situated in the beautiful area of Roorkee, Uttrakhand, India. Established by British India in 1847 by the then lieutenant governor, Sir James Thomason, it was since given its now held university status in 1949 and was converted into …

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IIT Bombay: Cutoffs, Placements, Admission, Courses, Fees, Ranking & More


Campus Series: IIT Bombay The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, also Known as IIT-B or IIT Bombay, is a government owned engineering institution located in Powai, Mumbai, India. It is the second oldest, first being Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur, institute in the Indian Institutes of Technology system. It was established in the year 1958 with the intention of providing quality engineering education at undergraduate and …

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Couldn’t get through IIT – What Next?


In India, the traditional dream that all parents have from decades is that one day their child will pass out of the haloed grounds of one of the IITs. IIT-JEE, by all means, is the most prestigious institution imparting professional education in India.  It is the most valued institution today because of a powerful legacy it has developed. Standing out …

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Making Math Fun for Your Child

Making Math Fun for Your Child

Hey Teachers, can you please make Maths more fun for my child? This question is pretty much thought of and asked by most of the parents, especially if their child shows a little less excitement and enthusiasm toward maths or in some cases the parents themselves had shown a little excitement and enthusiasm toward the subject during their school days. …

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10 Revision tips to crack IIT JEE ADVANCED 2018

JEE Advanced

Congratulations to all off you for clearing JEE MAIN and for getting a step closer to your IIT dream. Standing on the open gates of IIT is like winning the Triwizard cup of Hogwarts. Having said that, the last task or the obstacle is always the toughest and the trickiest one! But, worry not, we have penned some Tried, Tested …

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Cracking JEE Mains and Advanced

Crack JEE Main and Advanced

IIT is a dream place for many students. It is often that we look up to our distant IIT relatives with admiration and seek tips to crack IIT. How to crack JEE Mains and JEE Advanced? Cracking JEE, these days – JEE Mains and JEE Advanced both, requires persistence and a strong commitment to the dream. It requires a responsible …

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Learn The Best Mental Math Tricks

Mental Math Tricks

The world without Mathematics is impossible to exist. A very quintessential subject in our daily lives, yet the most misunderstood subject too! Math is supposedly the most complicated and feared subject in the world and according to a data, apparently 76% of students find Math hard to comprehend and they develop a dislike towards it if they don’t find a …

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