Learn the way you want – Happy Children’s Day!


Get up, get ready, you’re getting late for school..shouted mom!
Eat up fast, its 7 past.. pack your bags, lets go.. chop chop!
Good morning teacher!… “sit down, open page 73… okay… where were we?
Physics, Maths, Biology, English.. back to back, dammit, I lost the track
Greet, Read , Repeat
is the mantra every day of the week.

Oh! you are back! go on, get some rest
Turn off the television, you need to go for tuitions
Argh! not again, can’t I just take a breath?
No, you have to go, if you want to win this quest
Ok, I’ll go, but I’m not a machine you know…”

Wo wo wo, Wait a minute kid, it doesn’t have to be this way
Imagine if you have the freedom to learn anytime you say
No boundaries or walls, learn from anywhere at all
With a personal teacher, who is more like a friend
The world will be your school and knowledge will have no end

Ok…Who are you? and how can this be??
Its like a dream , Really!
If this is true, whatever you just said
It will be the best thing we kids have ever had

I am just a regular guy who wishes to bring a change
In this boring system which has come to its age
I go by the name ‘vedantu’ they say

Ah! is it NOV 14th?

Happy Children’s Day!! 🙂

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