My Kid Hates Homework. What do I do?

Let’s face it; even most of us were never really overjoyed by the thought of having to complete homework. The word you need to focus here on is “work”. Getting your child to focus on and complete his/her homework can hike up your blood pressure.

Though it may seem like a daunting task right now, there are ways you can overcome this problem. Like all other hacks to life, these solutions would also only be helpful, when practiced over some particular period of time. Keep in mind, though that they may not only be ideas to improve your kid’s skills but also yours.

1. A Designated Study Area:
The potential of the right tools and materials, to get a child started on homework is highly underestimated. Once a youngster sees that there is everything available for completing their work on time, there are practically very little excuses he/she can come up with, for not wanting to do it.

What’s more is that the tools and materials on a writing desk or a study area are an appealing approach to homework. Kids learn social behavior by observation learning, i.e., observation of adults and consequent imitation. Now you’d understand why he’d want to emulate his dad in the study room, right?

2. Set a Schedule:
Like any other person, children too need disciplined lives. Setting apart some time for homework would be in their best interests. Once a child learns that a particular time has been designated for homework, he/she will eventually try to finish their work during that time, so that they can be free to play or relax after it.

It gives incentive to the child and assures him/her that they only have to study for so much time at home.

3. Remember: You are the Adult:
Take a deep breath. Though we try our best to get children to complete their homework on time without much fuss, it is sensible to be ready for some resistance from them. The prospect of having to do homework, after having already been to school, is absolutely tedious.

You can avoid all the shouting, screeching, fighting and romping just by taking a more sensible and relaxed approach. Getting involved in a conflict with your children over homework is an unwinnable battle, not to mention, extremely childish. Show them who’s the boss and get them to understand why and how homework will help them in their lives. Yes, you CAN do it.

4. Follow-Up:
How do you know whether the work your kid does is up to the required standard or not? Simple, contact the teachers.

Teachers are professionals who are there to help you or your children with any of the troubles the youngsters face during growth and development. It is always a good and effective method to check on your child’s progress and understand how she/he is faring at school. But it is quite possible that school teachers might not be easily reachable. In that case, you can check with the child’s tutor. Even if your child doesn’t go to regular tuitions, you can take up some hourly sessions when you need on tutoring websites like Vedantu.

5. Provide a Strong Support-Base
You have to make sure that your child knows she has a strong support base in you. Until and unless, she has faith, that you are going to help them out if they face any problem with homework, they won’t approach you.

It is more or a less a give-and-take strategy. Provide a secure and trustful environment at home, where the child can come back to and relax or unravel herself from the day’s occurrences.

6. Positive Reinforcement
No one likes to do work that remains unrewarded. Even children need appreciation and rewards for doing their work on time, just to know that it hasn’t gone unnoticed or that it isn’t for nothing.

Sweet treats, snacks at regular intervals or even maybe a day out with family or friends at the weekend may be a good idea to get your child start working on their studies. Though, you have to remember actually to exercise these reinforcements. Otherwise, the child is only going to listen to you half-heartedly or even start to resent you, once she understands that you are not fulfilling your promises.

7. Try to make it Enjoyable:
Homework isn’t fun. But, try to make it so. While trying to get a youngster to focus on homework, try getting her to focus on colors or make it so it appears as a game and not so much as a task.

If it is a teenager, start brainstorming ideas for completion of homework. This is the age when they learn to think critically and start making their own choices. Allow them their space.

8. Provide Relaxation Time
How hard is it to work all day and then come back home and face more work? You have to realize that it is almost the same to children, having to come home from school and be faced with more studies.

Allow them to cool off for some time before they get started on new assignments. After every hurdle, let them take some time off again. This “cooling time” period not only help the kids relax but also allows some time for their minds to actually grasp what they are studying. They aren’t robots after all.

9. Take and offer help when needed:
Not everybody is an Einstein, and you cannot expect them to be so either. If your child has trouble completing her/his homework, then pay some attention to their woes and get them the help they might need.

Do not dismiss their problems. If you or your partner can set some time aside, to help your children, it will also help foster a good parent-child relationship. If you are not up for the work, or do not really understand the dynamics of homework, you could even get some outside help from tutors.

It is easy to blame the child for not wanting to do homework. What you need to focus on as parents, is that homework is no child’s play. You literally have to toil at it every day. Give your children some credit here. Being supportive and providing incentives as to why they should complete their homework on time can never hurt. Make it fun; they are children after all. It doesn’t have to be a battle every day. Homework is an important part of school education, and you have to get your children to understand that at an early age.

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