ICSE 10th Class Board Exam Time Table 2017

ICSE 10th Class Board Exam Time Table 2017

If you are giving Class 10 ICSE exams this year, you are lucky as it’s not a leap year. That means less break between the first two papers, so you get done with them earlier. But since it’s the Queen’s language English 1&2, you might want to take it seriously. The ICSE time table is out and board exams are just around the corner. With anxiety levels running high, this is the time of the year when all parents, students and teachers are aiming for the moon with extensive revisions and last minute discussions. Several mock tests, late nights and early mornings later also, it does not feel as if much is achieved.

That said it is not too difficult to score a higher percentage in these crucial exams. Here’s a quick sum up of what would set you apart:
1. Challenge Yourself – With every test you give, aim for higher. Even if its just half or one mark, you HAVE to get above what you’ve already done. Build your knowledge in the process and not just numbers.
2. Time Check – Keep a check on the time you spend studying, wasting time, revising, on tv/facebook etc. and get moving if you see an imbalance.
3. Know the Weak Links – Figure out the areas which stop you and make your progress slower. Get help and get your doubts cleared.
4. Discuss with Peers or Family – Sometimes things which are not easily learnt, remain in the mind if conversed about. So talk to your best friend, sibling or parent about a topic you are not able to comprehend well. Make them ask questions, so you get more clarity on the subject.

The above is not complete but gives you a broader perspective of what to do and what not. For best guidance, a good tutor always helps. They ideally provide you with the right answers and most importantly an approach which you can remember and carry forward in all areas of learning. All the best and give it all you got!

ICSE Class 10 time table

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