Couldn’t get through IIT – What Next?

In India, the traditional dream that all parents have from decades is that one day their child will pass out of the haloed grounds of one of the IITs. IIT-JEE, by all means, is the most prestigious institution imparting professional education in India.  It is the most valued institution today because of a powerful legacy it has developed. Standing out as one of the best – infrastructure, faculty and placement record, IIT’s get valued as a readymade TRP brand, much better than various other top engineering colleges in India.

Aspiring to graduate from an IIT, working strategically towards it, shoving every ounce of available hardship into the almost, 700 days chase up to the JEE is routine to all such students who desire success in this examination. However not getting selected for admission in IIT, in no way means the student does not deserve place in one such premium institute. These competitive examinations are more like cricket – it all depends on your show on the ground. There are many students, who performed exemplarily great, all the while during their run-up, but on the day, their pen slipped! The biggest ever mistake you could make, is to judge yourself by the result of one examination.

There are hundreds of alternative options available over there which students should check out. Opportunities do not come to an end when any IIT shuts their door. So, if you failed to get admission in any of the IITs, don’t waste time blaming yourself.  When you haven’t made the cut for an IIT the most obvious choice is to go in for the alternative options. There are a host of colleges that either have other entrance exams or accept JEE scores but have lower cut- off marks than IITs. Many reputed centrally- funded technology institutes and deemed universities come under this bracket and are imparting a sound technology education. You can later back this training with a MBA from a good institution in India or abroad and enjoy similar pay- scales as any IIT-pass- out.

There are thirty-one NITs (National institution of Technology) catering to a whopping nineteen thousand engineering seats in India. BITS Pilani is equally good which is at par with IITs and NITs by their standard of teaching and quality of imparting knowledge and producing the finest of engineers in India.  Apart from this, IISC (Indian Institution of Science), Bangalore and IISER (Indian Institution of Science Education and Research) have an enormous reputation both in India and globally.

Studying for the civil services examination is another good choice for Science Students. Along with proficiency in your subject of study, cracking these exams require a thorough knowledge of current affairs and the History and Geography of the nation. Joining the civil service also brings the added joy of getting a chance to serve the country and make a difference. With the right mix of industrious preparation and confidence in one’s communication and verbal skills, these exams offer the same kind or perhaps greater traditional prestige than an IIT gives.

Some of the examples of Non-IITians who are successful today are :  CEO and Founder of SanDisk Products and Services, Mr Sanjay Mehrotra have been extremely successful in his technical venture. Another entrepreneur Mr. Phanindra Sama has also been successful in establishing RedBus. Both of them are proud alumnus of BITS Pilani.  Ummeshwar Dayal, who is currently the Director of the HP labs Information Analytics lab, has been an alumnus of IISc, Bangalore. Even the students from much lower ranked privately run engineering colleges have also produced exceptionally brilliant people who have now reached a great height in the society. So, not getting into IIT does not mean an end to life.

Be it IIT or any other goal – one should never make the target look larger than life! If you do not pass in JEE, do not get depressed; if at all you feel so – channelize your depression and resolve to become victorious in your next target.  The IIT tag just helps you to get a nitro boost in your career, it is in no way a Guarantee ticket for success in your life. For Success is all about being able to stand up the tenth time when you are not able to make it on the ninth attempt! It’s always important to have a fall- back option. Failure should never be allowed to shatter your self-esteem. Wiser we become when we learn to accept the fact that not every venture we go about would always be fruitful, that not every arrow we shoot would hit the target on the dartboard. Success and Failure is a matter of perception, and the reality is that ‘life moves on’. Setbacks are never meant to live long. Successful are those who forget their past and look forward to achieving bigger goals.

So now, you know there are numerous options and there are multiple possibilities spread all over, the students need to look out for their supply and demand of these various engineering institutes other than IITs. There is no reason to get disheartened if one does not qualify to get into an IIT. There are several other windows of marvellous and exciting opportunities that awaits you. Instead of brooding over not making into the IITs, explore these avenues with energy, alacrity and knowledge and you are sure to make success out of whatever you do!

Written by
Mahima Daga

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