Will Online Education change the face of India?


It was just another awesome day at Vedantu. We were working continuously for one vision of making Education Democratized and I was planning to take some carbohydrates and proteins which will ultimately give me energy and keep me healthy to contribute in this one and ultimate vision of all Vedans. I was about to leave my desk and suddenly I …

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Making Group Learning Personalized & Interactive.


We, at Vedantu, have always been curious to do something new and better. So when One-to-Few (OTF) online batches were launched on Vedantu, we thought of finding the best ways to make it more meaningful and interactive for our students. One of the most engaging ways that we could think of, was making a group outside the class. This would …

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Which Curriculum You Should Choose!

Staying in India, and being a parent, we usually face this question of the comparison between the ICSE, CBSE, IB and IGCSE board. Since the time a child is born, parents get worried about the education and career of the child. Deciding which board is best for the child, is one of the toughest decision parents have to take. Though most of …

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EXAMS: How to Be Positive About It

EXAMINATION ….. Whenever, I ask any student about the synonyms of this word, the few answers which I usually get are: terror, nightmare, no play and all studies. Every student wishes if they had the power to delete it from their curriculum structure. Buy Why? What’s so terrifying about exams? Answer: ‘Exams are exams after all!!!’ Personally, I feel exams …

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