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All About New Changes in JEE Main

2019 is a lucky year for all the students preparing for JEE MAIN. Those of you who dropped a year to prepare should celebrate! The Ministry of Education has announced from the year 2019, you can attempt JEE MAIN TWICE! JEE Main will be held in the month of January and April.


Test Between January 6 – January 20, 2019 Result: First week of February
Test Between April 7 – April 21, 2019     Result: First week of May

This is a historic decision which will impact all the competitive exams in India in the years to come. This changes the preparation cycle for all sets of students whether they are in class 11th, 12th or Droppers. The important points to keep in mind while preparing for JEE Main and Advanced 2019 are

  1. JEE MAIN will be conducted by newly formed NATIONAL TESTING AGENCY (NTA).
  2. The exams will be completely online computer based and will be conducted on a span of multiple days.
  3. Students will have the choice to opt for appearing for either of the months or both and the best of the scores will be taken into account.
  4. The registration for JEE Main will open in September. The students will also be able to opt the dates they want to take the tests on, and centers of choice.
  5. There are no changes in the syllabus, question formats, languages and fees for the exam.
  6. JEE ADVANCED will still be conducted once, in the month of MAY, organized by IITs.

From August 2018 onwards, NTA will provide computer-based test modules for practice through dedicated centers especially for students who do not have personal computers, and free test downloads to get students accustomed to the new system, especially in rural areas.

The change is a delightful surprise for all the droppers, as they will now have two chances to prove their mettle. Students walking the fine line between managing boards and JEE Main preparation should be very careful.

Things to keep in mind while preparing for JEE Main & Advanced 2019, with the new changes:

  1. Do Not Panic

Students who are in class 12th, rather than worrying about course completion, practicing and other things, keep calm. All you need to do is re-work on the time table. Things can be a little tight scheduled but see the January attempt as litmus test. In case you do not fare well in the first attempt, you already know the real test pattern and are better equipped for the second attempt.

  1. Prioritize Your Dates

Be realistic while choosing dates, know your preparation, strengths and weaknesses. Even if you plan to be April ready, take the January test nonetheless, to get the feel of how the test is going to be, the difficulty level, etc. This will not only help you with anxiety of appearing for the test, but will also reflect where you rank nationally.

  1. Do Not Forget The Boards

In all this preparation chaos, do not forget your school boards. Schedule the time table accordingly. Plan the dates and prepare accordingly. Even though, your marks in Boards do not affect your rank, but you need a cumulative of 75% to become eligible for JEE Main 2019.

  1. Choose Your Coaching Institutes Carefully

If you spend lot of time on travelling to coaching centres, see if you can opt for their online courses. With little discipline, online preparation is a huge boon as its saves a lot of time, which you can spend on revising, studying or on some re-creational activities to de-stress.

  1. Mock Tests are Your Best Friends

If you do not have enough time to practice the concepts, just take lots of mock tests, as the mistakes will help you to remember the concepts in a better way. Click on the links below for free mock tests for JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

JEE Main 2019 Free Online Mock Test Series

JEE Advanced 2019 Free Online Mock Test Series

The new change is definitely has a lot of advantages for all the JEE MAIN aspiring candidates. The HRD has not only made the test more student friendly, by making the tests completely online, the tests will be leak-proof. You have the huge opportunity to appear for the desired test as a litmus test and prepare yourself accordingly for the second one. If required make most of the Second chance! All the best.

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