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Learn On the Go – Take LIVE Sessions on Mobile!

  We have all seen how the Internet changed the way we teach and learn. It came as a boon for the students and enabled them to learn things with a little help and explore the unreachable. What do you think the impact will be when your personal teacher can teach you right on our Android device? When you’ll be able …

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How to make your fidgety child learn effectively?

Make your child learn

Watching your child achieving milestones in his/her life is a bliss and we always expect to see their constant progressing victory. Just as a coin has two faces and one flips over another, similarly our kids also turn obnoxious when something upsets them. We need to stay prepared for the darker sides of our children’s mood. It is necessary to understand …

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Learn Anytime Anywhere with InstaLearn


  Do doubts stop you from being ahead of others? Not anymore! We understand ‘doubts’ make anyone go bonkers. Especially for students, doubts are deterrent and if not curbed at the right moment, it can affect the academic performance to quite an extent. We are here with ‘InstaLearn’ feature that will allow students clear their doubts from teachers of their …

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Work Hard and Work Smart!

Hardwork Or Smartwork

Hard work is the golden path to success, and that is no exaggeration. Hard work is also the most powerful tool that one can use, to become successful. It can stand head and shoulders above even luck and intelligence. Hard work is especially important for young children. Young minds find everything fascinating! Be it the colors of the rainbow or …

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How to Make Your Homework Less Boring


Time spent in school with friends is well spent. Once we leave school and reach home, we bring loads of work to drop-off our pleasure. We find doing homework as the dullest and tiring task of the day. It keeps us away from our loved ones and all the fun activities. Have we ever thought of converting this dull and …

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6 Ways to Improve Students’ Concentration

Concentration 1

This article will provide some useful tips to improve the concentration level of students and will be valuable to both parents and students. I still remember the time when I felt highly embarrassed when the teacher threw a chalk at me because I dozed off in the class. This may be a small incident which have been erased from everyone’s …

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