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5 Powerful Tips for Teachers to Teach Right

Teaching and teaching it right is a tough job in itself, and when you have a few difficult kids to deal with, it becomes even tougher.  Worry not, today in this post, you will see 5 powerful tips that will help you teach more effectively. These tips will not only help professional teachers to teach better, but also homemakers, mothers …

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24×7 Content Library is Open!

Always wanted to have a library, but couldn’t really build one. We have built it for you! Now you have your very own academic Content Library. You can have a look at all the content with just a tap of button. Sort content, check documents, view videos, and attempt tests and assignments – All at one place! Where to Look …

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Tapp – Our Teacher’s App is Live!

The world is going mobile, then why should our teachers stay behind??? We realized the need of the hour and came up with this all new Android app for our teachers – Tapp! The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on your Android device and it runs to perfection! With this new app, your life as a …

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Peer Pressure and How to Help Kids Handle It

Peer Pressure

What is Peer Pressure? Dictionary defines peer pressure as ‘the social influence a peer group exerts on its individual members, as each member attempts to conform to the expectations of the group.’ In simple terms, if your kid wishes to do something that would project him/her cool in his/her group, without a personal liking towards it – this should ring …

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How to Cut Down Your Homework Time

Homework is not Evil, You Just Need to Do it RIGHT!

Hey Folks! We know how boring it is to drudge yourself for homework. Homework always seems more, even when it is less. It consumes all of your time for playing, watching TV, meeting your buddies and all the stuff around it. Here in this post, we’ll let you know some really handy tips on how you can do your homework …

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Introducing Choice of Teachers!

It’s been around 6 months and we at Vedantu have seen overwhelming response from Students, Parents and Teachers. It has been a thrilling ride so far and we are ever so pumped about the tremendous potential of disruption in education that lies ahead. It has been our constant endeavour to personalize and democratize learning and today marks a major milestone …

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