10 Myths About Tuitions

Board exams, term end exams, and of course, the notorious entrance exams – with all of these hurdles being placed for students’ to jump over, it isn’t surprising that the question of tuition teachers is oft asked.

1 – Everyday Tuitions Are a Necessity: False! Every student is different in terms of studying pace, learning style, regularity, and focus. You should make a decision based on your unique needs and goals – not just walk the beaten path.

Most people think that since everyone else sends their kids to tutors, not sending their child to tuitions would put them at a competitive disadvantage. This is wrong. Tuitions aren’t always good. For instance, some students learn better on their own, and these students don’t get enough time to study when they keep going from one tutor to the next. Maybe all they need is some help from great tutors from time to time and not as per a fixed schedule.

So be aware of your own needs as a student – and then make a decision whether you want to enroll in coaching classes or not. And it doesn’t have to be a yes/no question – use this to decide how much tuition you need, and how much self-study time you require.

2 – Good Tutors Are Expensive: Not really. This myth cuts parents both ways. Some parents unnecessarily go for the pricier tutors because they feel that they’re the best. And some parents don’t enroll their students for tuitions at all.

Don’t buy into these myths. Being unbiased, you should take a trial session with the teachers; ask friends and others for their recommendations. Do your own research – and only then make a decision.

Of course, how expensive a tutor is can be a factor for consideration while making a choice. But this decision being as important as it is, don’t misconstrue expense for quality.

3 – Tutors Only Care About Money: Incorrect. Tutors are often people who love giving lectures, clarifying doubts, and seeing the light of understanding dawn on students’ faces. More often than not, these are the people who had a passion for teaching.

Of course, it would be a tad naïve to claim that they’re selfless donors of charity. Of course, that’s not true either – they want to make money, like everybody else. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that they chose the teaching line for a reason apart from money.

4 – It Is Always Better To Choose A Coaching Institute than Separate Teachers: Not always, it isn’t. Quite often if you have really good private tutors for separate subjects, it might be a better idea to steer clear of the big coaching institutes.

After all, coaching institutes aren’t all good. The most common argument is that these institutes have a planned syllabus, and organize the students’ studies for them. Fair enough. But there’s a cons list right beside the pros list. These centers are very time-taking; their classes are quite large which prevents individual doubt-clearing, and so on. In fact, it’s almost like going to another school after school!

So there are pros and cons for coaching centers and individual teachers. What you might want to do is look at your specific needs as a student and then make a choice instead of making a beeline for the coaching centers.

5 – Tuitions Are For Weaker Students: Ah. This is perhaps the funniest and the most harmful myth of them all. It’s more common among students than parents. They think tuitions are extra help for those kids who can’t cope with studies. Let me straight out say that this is categorically untrue.

First of all, there is absolutely no shame in admitting that you need help (and you do need help). That’s why we go to school. Teachers help us understand and prepare for these exams. And even if you’re doing fine by yourself, going to tuitions can be a competitively smart move. Tutors help improve your answers and better your chances to really excel – and it isn’t so smart to ignore these facts.

So, for the sake of the exams, it’s kind of important to set aside your pride and look for tutors if you think you need help.

6 – The Same Tutor Can Teach For All Exams: Alright, while this might not be a myth per se, there are just far too many people who think this is always true. It isn’t. Board exams, school term end exams, and entrance exams are all very different tests. They test different qualities and logically enough, demand different preparation styles.

There are, no doubt, a lot of teachers out there who would claim to provide panacea preparation. They’d claim that they can help your student in all exams. I’d treat such claims with a bit of caution if I were you. Some of these claims are just ways to get more students, and it’s understandably difficult for a teacher to cover all exams’ preparation individually.

So while it is possible, it is advised to be on your guard while looking for such teachers.

7 – Individual One-On-One Tutoring Is Too Expensive: Not necessarily. I mean, yes, it makes basic economic sense that if a teacher is teaching a single student in the time he could be addressing 50; he would want to charge more cash.

But in the age of the Internet, it’s really difficult to take anything for granted. If your child is someone who would perform better with individual tutoring, look for some online tutoring websites. A good place to start might be Vedantu.

8 – Famous Tutors Are Always Better: Dubious. The tuition business is certainly a booming one in India, and new and better tutors are joining the fray every week.

While it is certain that over time some teachers develop repute because of their success rate, and this means that they are dependable names, they might not always be the best choice. In fact, having a brand name can often encourage laziness where newer teachers are more eager to prove themselves.

As always, do your research. Ask around. Meet the teachers, ask their students. Maybe join one of their classes. Don’t make a run for the big names straight away.

9 – Tutors Are Not Well Qualified: Untrue! Most people like to think that tutors would have become school teachers or professors, but they don’t have the qualifications. This is false. As I earlier said, it’s unrealistic to assume that they wanted to be a part of the school system in the first place. Some may understandably find schools a little stifling and restrictive.

Also, given the steep demand for tutors in India, competition for the students has ensured that more and more qualified people are setting up their coaching classes. So it’s really kind of a win-win situation.

10 – Tuition Studying Is More Important Than Schoolwork: Myth! And quite a dangerous one at that. It’s never a good idea to keep your school studying aside to focus on tuition homework. School marks are part of your official marks record, and being lackadaisical about it won’t help.

Of course, neither is it a good idea to forget your tuition work. Both are important, but you might want to deal with your school work before getting to your tuition studies. Of course, it is important to manage both.

It also becomes all the more important that some very common myths about tutors and tuition classes are dispelled before you make any decisions. So I hope now you can make a well-informed decision.

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